Thursday, April 3, 2008


Q: Why did you decide to release Mythos Folkways as a series?

A: We decided to do it as a series to sort of highlight those recordings as something different than our rehearsed studio efforts, because they are created from improvisational sessions. They are usually a lot more limited in quantity and distribution and usually involve silk-screened artwork by the band. We like them just as much as the studio efforts, but they just seemed like they should be presented differently because they highlight how we are evolving musically in that all our songs come out of improvisation — the Mythos songs being the most immediate or raw example of how we are evolving. Mythos as a series is also inspired by the Folkways record series and things like the Nonesuch Explorer Series records, archival recording series that have inspired us musically. So in a way, the series is a tribute to those sort of classic ethnographic music archives.

Mythos Folkways, Vol. 1 (2006)

Mythos Folkways, Vol. 3: Divination Night (2007)

Mythos Folkways, Vol. 4: Future Vision (2008)


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thanks for vol. 3. i sure am glad i found this blog.