Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Boretronix is the name of a series of obscure self-released cassette-only releases by Japan Noise rock band Boredoms, consisting of heavily-edited recordings of rehearsals and live shows. Although four releases are documented, six are reported to exist. All were released in extremely limited quantities.

Boretronix 1

Boretronix 2

Boretronix 3



Remorseful Prober said...

I've been a boredoms fan for fourteen years and could never get my hands on the boretronix series- can't thank you enough. It'd be better to have the genuine article- but at last I can finally hear them.

Oddly #2 is on many websites- yours is the only one I've managed to find with #1 and #3.

anyway, much thanks-


GenericPlacebo said...

THNX fellow human

xcellent and many thnks
i saw tehm at Maxwells in Hoboken many years back.
Pussy Galore introduced them by playing first (even though they were headlining).

I was blown away witnessing the fact that they actually were playing (each separate member that is) based on some individual in the audience in teh slam/mashdance area. One could tell if one was removed in the back enough. A few figured it out, and the Boredoms followed meticulously.


Derrick said...
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Derrick said...

could you please reup boretronix vol 1 as prober said before you are the only one who has posted it. thank you in advance!

David said...

Hey, I was wondering if you could provide a new link for boretronix 1. That would be great. I can't seem to find it anywhere...