Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wet Hair

Wet Hair is the new solo outing of Raccoo-oo-oon member Shawn Reed. Cult vibe organ drone, slowed down tape hiss percussion warble, and chanted vocal bathed in echo, provide the basics for Irifi, a lone march across a desert, these are droney reverberations tinted with pop influence cloaked in the dark , music for vampires.

Ifiri c20

Wet Hair 1 Sided 12"

08 Tour Cassette c30

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jah Wobble - A Legend Lives On...Jah Wobble in Betrayal

Jah Wobble (born John Wardle) got his musical career started with John Lydon's post-Sex Pistols group Public Image Ltd (PiL). His trademark bass playing drew heavily on dub, which has remained an important feature of his music. Wobble left his signature mark on PiL's seminal second album Metal Box released in 1980. However, he grew increasingly frustrated by the lacklustre creative atmosphere in the band, besides differences in artistic vision, further conflicts were brought on in part by heavy drug and alcohol abuse in the band . Wobble then went on to recording and releasing his debut album The Legend Lives on - Jah Wobble in Betrayal, and found himself accused by other PiL members of having made unauthorized use of material from Metal Box for the making of Betrayal, there upon he then left PiL in late 1980.